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Guys vs Girls - Who has the fat loss advantage?

image There has been good debate over splitting the girls out from the gentlemen because of hormonal advantages, better eating habits, and their ability to carry a child. Do you agree? Does a guys muscle mass give them the advantage? Who has better fat metabolism? Can you trust the internet and studies than only conclude with statements like, "it appears", "tend to show", "seems" ?? So far - the top 3 Van gals are ahead of the top 3 guys..... There are a bunch of other arguments. Please find conclusive evidence and post. Here's a few to get you started; Who has it easier? Fat Loss - Men and Women are not made alike Low Micronutrient Intake may Contribute to Obesity Remember to book off this Saturday for the Inaugural Celebration workout and party of Andy "Nutts" and what he strove to create in life. Monday's Workout Warm-up - Test your 400m 400m Run (use the alley loop and blue start and finish lines) 1 at 85% - rest 4min or as needed then 1 at 100% Technique - Chest to Bar Pull-ups (increase that range of motion) - Thusters (shoes, no shoes, flats or oly shoes) Workout "Fran" w Chest to Bar 21, 15, 9 of Thrusters(95/65) and CTB Pull-ups (AKA the Monkey Wrencher's) 2008 Games Standard .mov from -please note the less than stellar squat depth and sub optimal vertical arm at the top of the thruster in the link above. The ones below are pretty BADASS!!
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