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Gymnastic Wednesday at CrossFit Vancouver

Shoe Bomber fight was awesome. Did not stagger one bit. Steadfast and vigilant the whole way. Victorious. Wednesday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Work on Front Flips - Take a run at the big red mat. Jump, tuck and land. Its as simple as that. Workout: Triple Tabata Ab Shot 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest Russian Twist (20/12 lbs) Weighted Sit Ups (15/10 lb db) V Sits So we have a 12 minute workout. 20 seconds of Russian Twists. 10 Seconds Rest. 20 seconds of weighted sit ups. 10 seconds rest. 20 seconds of V Sits. 10 seconds rest. Repeat 8 times. Coaches stagger or vary the start position if needed. Score is total amount of reps in all 24 rounds. Here are a few great videos on front flipping. Above all... Enjoy yourself. One Love, The Shepherd