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Gymnastic Wednesday at CrossFit Vancouver

Wow! There has been a great response from people wanting to share their kid photos. Thank you all. Now, who wants to share those pics from high school with the awesome hair? Come on... Let's see those mullets!! Big bouffon hairspray perms! Picture #1 - Is this Benson? Arthur? Henry? Or TBear? Picture #2 - Who is this? And is that blush on her cheeks or was she just chewing on too many crayons? imageimage Wednesday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Back and front levers Workout: Amrap in 12 Minutes 5 L Pull Ups 10 Lunges What is AMRAP do you ask? It stands for "as many rounds/repetitions as possible". From this day forward we will use this standard to judge workouts that are scored by rounds and reps. In today's workout each round consists of 15 reps. If The Bald Eagle did 14 rounds plus 5 Lpull ups and 6 lunges then his score would be 14.11. Why? Because he did 14 rounds and 11 reps. This gives the athlete credit for the reps he/she does even if they do not finish the round. I should of posted this explanation for Tuesday's workout. My bad. One Love, The Shepherd