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Gymnastic Wednesday at CrossFit Vancouver

I'm betting many of you are logging on to see what the workouts are for the Affiliate Challenge on Saturday. Popeye has seen fit to postpone announcing the workouts until Thursday. Sorry. Rest assured... they will be rockin' good!! Wednesday's WOD: Warm Up: Max front side plank Followed by coach's choice for plank rotation series. Max hanging L-sit Skill/Tech: Cartwheels Handstands and walking on hands (Been doing this lots lately and people are getting better) Workout: The Beach 10 V-Sits 5 Burpees 2 Over the bar Max Rounds in 12 min HIT IT HARD!! Here is yet another BK Production. The long awaited... "Move Part 2". Nice work dude!! Carrying that upside down bench with dumbbells on it sucked. One Love, Sheppy