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Gymnastics Cert this weekend - No Class Saturday - Grouse Grind

Guys Sorry for the late notice on canceling the saturday class (we had posted it a long time ago and it is in our Certs section, but just the same we should have posted this way earlier) We have a Gymnastics cert here this weekend that all of the coaches are participating in. I know some of you crave your weekend workouts at 10 and 11, but in order for us to continue to improve we need to host and attend these speciality certs. Unfortunately it does cut down on a class or two every couple of months. It is a trade off that is necessary and is beneficial to the entire community. In its place we thought about sending you to a local pool and have an instructor guide you through a swim workout (we will do that another day...right Becky), but it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so we figured....Go enjoy the last of the sun. Grouse Grind - meet at the bottom at 10am Post your times on the leaderboard! Good luck, have fun and enjoy the sun smile Patty