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Gymnastics Strength Development

The gymnastics certification this weekend was a rousing success! I know that the CrossFit Vancouver coaches are eager to try out the new skills and drills that Tucker and Katrina introduced to us over the weekend. My own personal lightbulb moment was during the progressions for back levers when after the fifth attempt I got down from the rings and thought, "My arms are really sore". The body weight movements that we are training are fantastic for developing strength, not to mention body control and body awareness. More of our technique sessions should focus on working these movements. Some of the movements that we do require a certain baseline level of strength before they can be attempted. As Tucker said, if you can't do a single dead hang pull-up, should we really be trying to get a kipping pull-up? Is that not putting the cart before the horse? In order to perform a kipping pull-up with good technique you must have the pre-requisite strength. Using the band and working the negatives are great ways to get there. Technique: Spend at least 15 minutes on the rings focussing on back lever progressions. Start by curling up into a ball with your hips over your shoulder and chin tucked in. Coaches will go over proper spotting technique. From here start working the back lever, first from a tucked position and then with straight legs progressively increasing the angle. Remember keep those thumbs pointed out. Work-out: Number of rounds in 10 minutes 5 gymnastic kips - remember thumb around the bar 7 hollow rocks 9 ring push-ups Hollow Rocks a la Andy Petranek On a side note. We are emptying the lost and found box this Wednesday, so if you are missing some articles of clothing you might want to have a look before it gets tossed. Also, MadLab is tonight at 6 pm. I have no idea what Patty has in store for them this week, but last week was very crowded and there was a scramble for equipment. If you can make it to an earlier or later class it might be a good idea. -Kermit