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Gymnastics Wednesday at CrossFit Vancouver

Good day of squats Tuesday. Saw some great form and effort. Gymnastics Wednesday will go like this: Max Rope Climb Ascents in 3 minutes. Rest, Recover, Prepare. Tabata Kettle Bell Crawl and Butt Scoot Mash-Up 20 Seconds of Kettle Bell Crawl (Black/Red) 10 Seconds Rest 20 Seconds of Butt Scoots 10 Seconds Rest X 8 For the Mash-Up: The athlete will travel back and forth on a 20 ft length. Each athlete will have a partner. The partner will bring the kettle bells to the athlete where he/she is done the butt scoots. The kettle bells are to be put down exactly where the athlete's butt is at the end of the interval. The score will be how many lengths are covered. Half lengths will be marked and counted. For the Kettle Bell Crawl: Stay in perfect plank. Knees and hips are not to bend. Either drag or tippy toe your feet forward. Don’t let that bum get too high. For the Butt Scoots: Feet must not touch the ground. If you are a TRex and have midget short arms (Sausage) you may use dumbbells to help prop you up but this must be marked as a progression. Score for the Leader Board is total rope climb ascents plus total lengths of Tabata mash-up. Special thanks to Sarah Conibear for being the mash-up test subject. You're a good sport kid. CrossFit Vancouver is thinking about opening a restaurant in the new gym. On the website this week we will be featuring some of the proposed menu items. Charlie submitted these 2 ideas. The first is life size... image image The latter is for after Murph. A hot dog wrapped in a beef patty that's deep fried, covered with chili, cheese, onions, served on a hoagie bun topped with two fistfuls of fries and a fried egg. Yummy!