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Gymnastics Wednesday at CrossFit Vancouver

Wednesday's Workout: A special 15 Handstand push up (HSPU), 1 L pull up 13 HSPU, 3 L pull up 11 HSPU, 5 L pull up 9 HSPU, 7 L pull up 7 HSPU, 9 L pull up 5 HSPU, 11 L pull up 3 HSPU, 13 L pull up 1 HSPU, 15 L pull up Here are some examples of perfect L pull ups. imageimage Progression for L pull ups is 1 pull up and 1 toes to the bar. Progression for the progression is 1 pull up and 1 knees to elbows. If you can't do this... get to Crossfit Vancouver more often. We are going to use a new progression for the hspu (from TBear). Get into a tight pike position. Hands in hspu position. Lower yourself down to touch your forehead on the floor then press up. imageimageimage Its harder than it looks. If you can't do this then do heavy seated shoulder press. Special thanks to my models who performed wonderfully after their hill sprint session today. I wonder if this guy got strong abs doing L pull ups? Love the goggles.