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Gymnastics Wednesday!

So with everyone's hands wrecked I guess management figured this week was a write off and they may as well let me continue running amok for the rest of the week. Warm Up: Animal Races Line the class up at one end of the gym and have them race to the far side in various movement patterns: Bear Crawls, Crab Walks (forward, backward, sideways) be creative if you like with this one and mimic other animal movements. For the bigger classes you can run heats, morning groups can race all at once. Tech: I have been attending an adult gymnastics class at Phoenix Gymnastics and last week I finally got my L-Sit to Planche so I am very excited to show it off but the following video is not me: Play with this one a bit, some core and intercostal strength required. WOD: Vestibular Confusion 5 Rounds for Time: 20 Hollow Rocks 15 Push Ups (or 25 Knee Push Ups or 10 Ring Push Ups) 10ft Butt Scoots 5 Over & Under the bench (jump/climb over, then crawl back under = 1 rep) 2 Skin-the-Cats (over and back = 1 rep)