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Reminder - Sheppy's client meeting is Wednesday Night at 7:00 pm!!!! Be there or be square! I noticed a lot of tight hip flexors and periformis muscles during yesterday's technique session. Remember flexibility is one of the 10 general physical skills that we train for. It is too often neglected. Now onto today's torture, errr mobility drill. Technique: Let's open up those shoulders via another mobility WOD courtesy of Kstar. You try this with or without the band. Grab a KB or DB, it doesn't have to be super heavy (I do this at home with a 4 litre jug of water). Before you start grab a partner and observe your current shoulder mobility. Next spend 3 minutes on your back just holding the weight in one arm in an extended position (think a one armed bench press at the top of the movement) allowing the shoulder joint to sink to the back of the socket. Get up and re-test, you'll be amazed at the difference between arms. Repeat with the opposite arm. Now let's get inverted. Stage One - find some real estate on the wall. Kick up to a handstand and hold for a count of 15 Mississippi's before coming down. Repeat 5 times. Stage Two - get a partner (or two), find a spot on the floor and kick up to a handstand for a count of 10 Mississippi's before coming down. Try and feel the balance in your hands, use your fingers to control your body (much like we use our toes everyday). Keep your shoulder active and your body hollow. Repeat 6 times. Stage Three - only for the brave. Stage Three - get the big red mat down, and try it on your own, coaches can provide a minimal spot as needed. Attempt this 3-5 times dependent on class size. All this handstand practice will help you in your endeavors to join the circus. Workout: Just in case your shoulders haven't been brutalized enough... As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of 30 second handstand hold - count to 30 Mississippi 20 hollow-rocks 5 ring dips 10 knees to elbows 5 burpees