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Halibut and Salmon - Pre-Order

So I'll (TBear) be bringing in some more Frozen Fresh:

- Spring Salmon (Caught and Processed this Tuesday

- White Salmon (King Spring) limited quantities for next couple weeks

- And more Halibut to have in our freezers.


I need you to pre-order as shipping from the Haida Gwaii (Just off of Graham Island) varies a bit.

You'll be looking at freezer packed portions from .75lbs to 5lb fillets.

Halibut Fillets - $17/lb

Spring Salmon - $18/lb

White Salmon - $22/lb

(you'll be saving well over 30% of what the local Seafood Shops are charging)

** You'll notice they charge per 100 grams now.... so $6.99 for 100g = $31.70/lb.  

I'll be receiving up to around 150 lbs for sale if there is interest.  Text me at 604.808.6347 with your name, quantity of what you would like, and portion sizes?  I'll receive these orders before I see any email.  So don't hesitate to ask any questions via text as well.

I also have Italian Sausage, Veal T-bone Steaks and 20 oz Ribeye's in the freezer as well, if your interested.  100% Grass-Fed and No Hormone courtesy of Cioffi's Meat Market.