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Hanging Back In the Golf Swing

While golfing on Saturday our threesome was joined by a single gentleman.  Not an uncommon occurrence. 

I quickly realized that this gentleman really hangs back in his golf swing.  He made it work for him but it really hurt the consistency of his strike and how far he could hit.  These are very undesirable characteristics to have in your swing. 

Why was I able to recognize this swing characteristic so easily? Because for years I did this as well... And guess what... It destroyed my consistency and ability to hit the ball farther.

Here is a video of Dave Phillips, co-founder of TPI Golf Fitness, explaining what hanging back is.

In the past few years I have concentrated on making a shorter back swing and much stronger weight shift and turn through the ball.  The result has been extremely rewarding.  I'm hitting the ball much more consistently and its going further.

Now it took more than just me thinking about making these moves and putting them into practice.  I tried for years to do it on the range but couldn't.  It wasn't until I started training TPI Golf Fitness in the gym that my swing began to change for the better.  I worked hard on the required range of motion, muscle activation and the moves to properly weight shift and get through my swing effectively. 

Here are some of the exercises that I practiced in order to change my swing in this positive direction:

Row and Flow

Pivot and Post.  I also have a swing harness that is extremely effective ant training this move.

Side Wall Press

I'm living proof that this training works... And if it can work for me then it can work for you.

If you have any questions about these training moves or TPI Golf Fitness please feel free to contact Chris Saini at


Happy Swinging!