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Happy 2012!

Cheap Drunk, Kaelin & I brought in the New Year with Mellow, Taskmaster and their 3 kids. It was the most enjoyable New Years Eve of my adult life. Nothing compares to the company of good friends and there is no better way to bring in the new year and reflect upon the old. In the tradition of Taskmaster’s family we shared our best moments of 2011 and our hopes/goals for 2012. Best things in my life 2011: 1) Cheap Drunk introduced Kaelin to Academie Duello. For a father it is so exciting to see my son find his passion and discover his talents. My boy wields a sword like a natural. Is this a useful talent? Who knows? He loves it and he’s good at it and I’m thrilled that he has the opportunity to develop expertise in an art of his choosing. 2) Cheap Drunk and I took on a 40 Day Paleo challenge absent nuts, seeds and eggs. Life changing. Not only did we look and feel better, my anxiety and dark moods vanished, Kaelin’s skin problems were alleviated, allergies were forgotten, illness couldn’t touch us, my athletic performance took off, my back healed….Very few things have made such an overwhelmingly positive impact on my life. 3) My Mom settled into Olympic Village. About half a year after my father’s passing my Mom got settled in Vancouver and began a new adventure. My brother and I can’t remember seeing her so happy since, well - ever. After long years caring for my ailing father and putting his needs first it is great to watch her begin her own life full of possibilities! 4) Forced resettlement. Departing the rent-free sanctuary of my in-law’s beautiful, comfortable home is not something I would have chosen. The financial struggle that ensued and the sudden drop in living and housing standards represented a real challenge to our small family. Happening so soon after the loss of my father, this move really unsettled me. But from adversity comes growth. We were forced to become financially disciplined. I was motivated to stretch myself beyond CrossFit discovering a whole new world of possibility outside my comfort zone and I enjoyed it. And it freed me to dream of bigger adventures and bigger risks. If life is going to be uncomfortable, I may as well have fun while I’m living it! And that leads us to my hopes for 2012. As a CrfossFit coach I seek to inspire by example. To overcome my fears and perceived limitations so that you can overcome yours. How can I challenge you to live the life you love if I’m too afraid to do the same? To that end I am undertaking in 2012 the adventure of a lifetime and invite you to watch me through my triumphs and failures. Laugh with me, cheer for me but most importantly, be inspired. And then go out and inspire others by taking on your own adventures. Stay tuned. May 2012 fill you with inspiration and adventure! Corey Warm Up: 3 Rounds 10 Sprawl Balls 10 Med Ball Sit Ups Tech:Standard Grip Deadlift @ 50% 1 rep max (no alternating grip) Without regripping the bar and with healthy back posture complete as many consecutive deadlifts as possible. Take 3 attempts (time permitting) with rest between. Today's WOD: Hockey Night in Canada with Burpees 10 rounds 30 sec wall ball (20/14) 30 sec burpees 2 min rest between rounds