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Happy Canada Day TRIVIA!!

Hope you're all enjoying a great long weekend.

As per usual, Canada Day holiday classes tomorrow—Monday, July 2nd— are at 9 am and 5 pm. 

More importantly, how much do you know about our country?


10. What year did we become an official, independent country?

9. Canada is home to the oldest brewery in North America. What is this brewery?

8. What year was the Toonie introduced?

7. What year were the Mounted Police formed?

6. Lt.-Col. John McCrae wrote what famous Remembrance Day poem in 1915?

5. Who is the only Canadian ever to win the MVP award in the NBA?

4. The term "trick or treat" was first used in a Canadian province. Which province?

3. Which province first granted women the right to vote?

2. Which Canadian developed insulin?

1. Which restaurant chain has more outlets than any other in Canada?

Answers can be found by sifting through these trivia questions HERE.

Happy Canada Day!!