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Happy Dirty 30 Jenny.

If you see this girl hanging out at the school today be sure to wish her a happy 30th birthday! When Jenny Scott approched me last week and requested the dirty 30 I thought man, it's been a while since that was up on the site. I asked "do you like that workout?" and she told me that she  turns 30 on Monday and she'd like to throw down a lil dirty 30. I felt that it was a great idea for Mondays workout. Thanks to Jenny and her birthday, day 1 of my Charlie Palmer week was already taken care of. Warm up:30 TGU (20/35lbs)   Tech: Deadlift (5,5,5)   Workout:Dirty 30 squats situps k-b-s (red/black) box jump (20/24") burpee wall balls (12/20lbs)