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Happy Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble.... 

Not so fast.

Did you know, only male turkeys actually gobble. Females purr, whistler, cackle and yelp, but only the males gobble, which is equivalent to a lion's roar—a way to announce his presence to females and warning rivals to stay away.


Two other interesting turkey facts:

1. Turkey have two stomachs!

2. It doesn't knock you out. There's a common belief that tryptophan in turkey puts you to sleep because of its calming effect. But the truth is, unless you ate and entire 15 lb. turkey, it's not knocking out. More likely, it's the sheer volume of food we eat, and all the carbs, that put us into a food coma and to sleep after turkey dinner.

So now you know.

Hope you all get a moment to feel thankful, and eat lots of delicious turkey and vegetables and gravy, gravy, and more gravy, this weekend. 

Come and sweat it out tomorrow at 9 a.m. with me!

- Emily