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Happy Monday!!

The week of Sheppy has arrived. We are going to hit it hard babies!! CrossFit Vancouver's Static Box Jump Record: Devin "Big Red" Glage. Was once an apprentice here. Now owns Raw CrossFit in Penetanguishene, Ontario. The School of Fitness in action. Monday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Max static box jump (Its been a while - Sign the box if you leave any dna behind) Warm up your deadlift Workout: Running Christine 400 m Run 12 Body Weight Deadlifts 21 Box Jumps (24"/20") 3 Rounds for Time This week's post workout focus is to stretch for 15 minutes. It's no coincidence that the people I never see stretching post workout are the ones who are always nursing injuries (Jessie? Mr Knight?) Charlie Palmer MUST do this workout. Old School Sac Deadlift Face. image Best imitation of this during the workout gets a minute off their time. Coaches man the cameras. I will judge at the end of the day. Love Shep