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Happy New Years Eve day! Gym will be closed on the 1st.

Happy New Years Eve day! Gym will be closed on the 1st. image Today's Workout: 20 Rep Back Squat If you have never done these before think about using between 60-65% of your one rep max (probably 60%). If you have done the Widow Markers know what you are in for...try 70-75% Here are a few things to keep in mind: Stay tight - your poor form will surely degrade with such high reps. Take two or three breaths between reps. Even after the first few reps. You'll need the oxygen, this isn't a sprint. If you can rip these reps off, then the weight you choose is too light. These sets can take as long as three minutes to finish. I'll say it again - stay tight. The upper body will be working crazy hard to keep the midline stable while trying to support the weight and fill the lungs with air. This will be a lesson in mental stamina. First of all you are doing a set of twenty with a weight you should only be able to do for ten (which is hard to wrap your head around). Plus, two and half to three minutes is a long time to have that weight on your back, it gives that voice in your head plenty of time to talk you out of your next rep. Keep focus through out the entire set. Convince yourself you will not quit. Keep spotters close. Here is a video of everyone's favourite Chicken Lover blasting through a set. Joel making it look entirely too easy. Nice job! Andy