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Happy Shoulders

Today's Skill/Tech/Strength Element: We are going to look at some optimum structural balance ratios of the complex shoulder musculature. Good thing you got to the gym on Monday to test your 1RM Close Grip Bench press (or came in later in the week to find your 1RM like I had asked) because all of these ratios use the CGB for comparison. Consider these tests pass or fail. If you cannot perform the movement with the required tempo (check out Monday's post for more info on tempo) and the suggested weight, then you have some homework to do. Pull me aside (or one of the other coaches) if you need help coming up with assistance work to build up a weakness. Finding time in your day, before or after a workout to strengthen the prime, stabilizing and synergistic musculature of the shoulder will go a long way to make for a happy pain free crossfitter. These are only a few of the many tests that Poliquin and Fitzgerald use to determine structural balance but its a good start. DB Ext Rot @ 3010 tempo x 8 reps/arm. Elbow at below shoulder height, elbow stays at 90 deg, do your weaker arm first. Gold star if you can do this with 10% of Close Grip Bench press. Powell Raise @ 3010 tempo x 8 reps/arm; do the weaker arm first. Keep arm straight at all times, in line with chin. Gold star if you can do this with 10% of Close Grip Bench press. Trap 3 Raise @ 3011 tempo x 8 reps. Both arms at once. Scapulas stay down and back. Arms straight. Gold star if you can do this with 10% of CGB 1 RM Weighted Pullup. Gold star if you can move 87% (bdwt plus extra weight) of 1 RM CGB. Today's Workout: Quarter Gone Bad 135/95 lbs Thruster, 15 seconds Rest 45 Seconds 50/20 lbs Weighted pull-up, 15 seconds Rest 45 Seconds Burpees, 15 seconds Rest 45 seconds Total reps Andy