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Hard Core or Soft Core??? Bring a Sock

Well as we know core strength is a crucial part of CrossFit training. Every Wednesday rolls around and we tend to focus on the core with our gymnastics programing! Today we will play with the L-sit & L-sit progressions as well as Handstands and forward rolls! Everyone should go for L-sits on the parallels, the rings and hanging from the pull up bar, perhaps some of you may throw down a V-sit like in the pic below! Mid floor handstands group up with trust worthy spotters and make sure to keep a straight invert! Workout: AMRAP in 15 minutes of 1 Rope climb 3 HSPU 5 Ring dips 6 Pistols (3each leg) 7 Box jumps (20/24") 9 V-ups image by the way Patty has a message for someone in the guys bathroom... Who will fess up?