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Are Insects An Emerging Protein Source For Candians?

Loblaws is now stocking cricket powder as a food source.  There is talk that insects as livestock will be a viable human food source in the future.

My first reaction... Ick.  I won't be jumping on that train anytime soon.  However, lets have a closer look.

CBC has been featuring this story for the past week.  Here is a good article encapsulating the subject.

Turns out The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization has been looking at this for quite some time.  Here is a report they published.

I quite like this article published in IFL Science.  Have a read here.  Apparently 2 billion people worldwide already use insects as a regular food source.

There is an old investigative adage that states always follow the money. The Financial Post does a good job of sketching the issues in this article here.  For the aquaclulture feed market there is stiff competition and claims about nutritional benefits need to be researched further. The article states insects as human food will probably remain a niche market (in Canada?). The same piece seems to be the only one that discusses regulatory issues in Canada.


As I said above I don't ever see myself eating insects on a sporadic or regular basis.  Just isn't for me.   Here is a question I would like answered though...  What would happen to a rural agricultural ecosystem and its food chain if 1 million + crickets escaped into it?

Ok.  You've read these pieces... Pensively looked out the window and pondered the subject. 

What do you think?  

What do vegans think of this?

Will you jump or have you already jumped on this train?

Will insects be part of a regular Canadian diet in 30 years? 

Would love to hear your thoughts folks!