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“Heart Healthy” Oils Kill

Today's Tech: Fun & Games Take a few minutes to play with some of the fun training tools we have lying around the school. Try some heavy DB Farmer's Walk Front, Back and Overhead Squat the Slosh Pipe Attach the sleds to the weight belts and pull them 200m (women 45lbs/men 70lbs) Today's WOD: Plaza of Death 20 Pull Ups 30 Push Ups 40 Sit Ups 50 Squats 2 Mile Run 50 Squats 40 Sit Ups 30 Push Ups 20 Pull Ups Vince (aka Kid Flash) holds the gym record on this one. Oli took him down on Tuesday's WOD, will someone step up to challenge his 18:38 record? * Coaches this WOD has an outside time on the leaderboard of 40 minutes so keep the tech time short.