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Heavy lifting and fast rowing

First, a quick shout out to Matt "Wildman" Guterres our chef extraordinaire responsible for the Paleo Pig Roast at Nutts Cup in August. Matt is doing an Alice In Wonderland themed Pop Up Restaurant with Swallow Tail Supper Club. Here are the dets: When: Thursday, November 24 at 7:00pm - December 17 at 11:30pm Where: Secret Location in Vancouver area This Pop-Up Restaurant is launching for just 9 seatings and then it’s gone forever! Swallow Tail Secret Supper Club is taking care of our food (their chef cooked for royalty). In The House Festival will be doing theater performance of Alice In Wonderland characters. So that means it’s INTERACTIVE! You can expect the White Rabbit to take your coat, The Mad Hatter to serve you tea. Cool huh. BYO wine/beer too;) Secret Location is going to be emailed to guests 1 week prior to seating. $129 gets you: 5 course Prix Fixe menu + Entertainment + A Cocktail + BYO Wine/Beer Groups 10+ = $99 each Seatings: Th Nov 24 (groups of 25-50 only) Fri Nov 25 (groups of 25-50 only) Sat Nov 26 Th Dec 1 (sold out) Fri Dec 2 (groups of 25-50 only) Sat Dec 3 Th Dec 7 (sold out) Fri Dec 8 (sold out) Sat Dec 9 (sold out) Th Dec 15 (groups of 25-50 only) Fri Dec 16 (sold out) Sat Dec 17 Times: Thurs/Fri - 7pm seating Sat - 4pm or 8pm seatings The Food Network is filming it for a TV show called The Worlds Weirdest Restaurants. Pretty exciting stuff! If you'd like to go, just e-mail Matt and mention CF Van when you book and he'll hook you up a discount. Okay now onto business: Saturday Technique: Review back squat both high bar and low bar. Workout: 30 body weight back squat/1000m row For Time: 30 Body Weight Back Squats 1000m Row Sunday Technique: Push-press, go for broke Workout: Jacob's Ladder with a barbell See how far you can get in 12 minutes. Start with 35lbs for the ladies and 65lbs for the gents. Increase by 10lbs every round. 5 deadlifts 5 cleans 5 front squats 5 pushpress - Jersey aka Kermalicious aka Kerms