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Heavy Splits - Fun Day

Check out the speed in these two CrossFit HQ Videos. I love it. We are going to practice speed to overhead and the shoulders today. I'm convinced that although we can't go as low in the split clean or snatch (or can we??) it allows us with limited flexibility to have some fun going heavier while keeping at least one heel fully on the ground. smile I predict 1/3 of you will start using this technique if the power clean or power snatch are called for in the daily WOD. image 2 Josh Everett Video Links in Blue Split Snatch Split Clean - 335lbs Tuesday Fun Day Add up your max Split Snatch and Split Clean and post it on the leaderboard. Don't worry about the jerk over head today. Coaches, please disallow every snatch that is pressed out from anywhere in-front of the face and forehead. Not what we're looking for. Thanks and have at it. TBear