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High Five

This is a variation of a workout some friends and I came up up with while living in a northern construction camp. My only advice is to hit it hard, chase someone faster than you, and don't stop moving. Your sweat angel thanks me in advance. Enjoy. Warm Up: Max Double Unders in 90s Tech: Review WOD Movements WOD: High Five 5 man makers (35/20lb dumbbells) 5 burpees 200m weighted run (carry one dumbbell 35/20 to the top of the alley and back) 5 rounds for time Peace, Jolly Edit - Man Maker Clarification In the first Man Maker demo I missed showing the lat pulls. So, to avoid confusion: Holding dumbbells drop to push up position and do a pushup chest to deck Return to push up position (spread legs out to stabilize) and single arm row on each side Jump feet in Power clean to push press Repeat!