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High Performance Center - Schedule and Qualifications

image We have decided to set aside two hours of every week for our top performers, aka our High Performance Center. Traditionally we had looked at Crossfit as a way to improve our lives and not necessarily as a sport. Not anymore. Personally I love working with older clients, decrepits, and those whose quality of life is vastly impacted by physical and nutritional negligence, but I have always loved our MadLab tournaments too. The Crossfit Games are the real deal and our top athletes need special training to be able to compete at the highest levels of Crossfit. If you fit in this category, we are going to get real serious about training and nutrition this year. If you are not sure if you qualify??? I have posted it before, somehow it won't load, e-mail me and I will send you the spreadsheet (The new leaderboard will have it). You need at least a score of 30. Emily and Andy are over 50. So the plan is to Have thursday nights at 7pm (not a busy time) and Sunday's at 4pm reserved for the HPC crew. We will be working on weaknesses (Andy is going to plan a weakness schedule for each person) and competing each day. The programming will be HEAVY. There will be points awarded from January to Regionals and we will pick our team with the aid of these standings. First day is Thursday November 18th (Competition this weekend and remberance day) at 7pm. Giddyup. Tuesday's lesson Plan: Warm up: 1 mile run (It's going to be sunny) Tech: Snatch (squat) WOD: 1 minute of snatches (65/45lbs) - 1 point per snatch 3 min rest 1 min of snatches (95/55) - 2 points per snatch 3 min rest 1 min of snatches (115/70) - 4 points per snatch 3 min rest 1 min of snatches (135/80) - 7 points per snatch Total points for LB Scale if necessary. Enjoy.......Patty