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High Performance Center Testing / Client Weakness Meeting

imageIn keeping with the results from our client meetings and commitment to improving the box we have two more dates to set: 1) Client weakness meeting Wednesday February 10th 8pm: For those of you who are looking to up your game we are going to develop a program for each of you that revolves around your specific weaknesses. We will have a coach for each Crossfit discipline (Power lifting, o-lifting, gymnastics running etc) at the meeting, with a specific program (to be done out side of regular WODs) as well as the opportunity to find study buddies to keep you motivated. 2)High Performance Center testing February 13/14: After our initial group meeting we have decided to have a 2 day testing session. This will perform a bunch of necessary functions a) Determine weaknesses b) Develop specific programs c) Set benchmarks d) Fitness evaluation scores (Tony should have spreadsheet developed by then) e) prepare for sectionals Tuesday's lesson Plan: Warm Up: Team Tabata med ball situps (12/8) four feet between feet Tech: work up to weight for bear (dead, hpc, thruster) WOD: The bear 5 Deadlifts 5 Hang power Cleans 5 Thrusters Every minute on the minute for 20 min Highest weight completed wins