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High Performance Club - Re-Unites at 7pm this Thursday and 4pm on Sunday

For now, and until we find the best times to get all our fire breathers together in a couple time slots. These are the times. The goal isn't to bi-sect or segregate our class culture but to get the best of the best working alongside one another and together at WODs which are certainly advanced to the CrossFit newcomer. It doesn't mean any of you can't attend - it just means there may be some serious progressions needed as you go after some of the posted WODs. Sack, Patty, Sheppy, Eunice, and I are all committed to being there Thursday night to talk about 2011 Games format. It's different this year, there is weekly WOD's to complete for 6 weeks individually to qualify for regionals. There are Masters categories for those aged 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, etc. Team qualification will be based on the individual 6 week WOD's as well. So come out at 7pm this Thursday at put your hat in the ring for the chance to go on the road for the 2011 Games. It'll be awesome. The Main Event all happens back at the Gladiator like Colosseum in California just like last year. Monday at 7pm might also be a good alternative to Sunday. Let us know if your more inclined to hit up the Monday night rather than the Sunday 4pm. Thursday's Events Warm-up 15 Double Under 3 Burpee (rounds in 3 min) The remainder of the class will test the following gymnastic skills: 1) Max no of Pull-ups (chin over vertical plane of bar) 2) Max no of Ring Dips (bicep touches top of ring) 3) Max no of kipping HSPU's (use 25 plates w Abmat) 4) Tabata Squats Add the 4 numbers together for your score on the leaderboard. * you can retest 1,2 and 3 all you want for the remainder of the hour. Use the time wisely. Split the class into groups of 4's, 5's and 6's - have counters, recover as needed. At 5min to the hour everyone hits tabata squats together. Enjoy. T-Bear