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Highlighting Jessica Vander Zaag

Jess has been a member of Madlab for nearly six months now. In that short time she has become a regular that you can expect to see in any and every class. Jess may be one of the few clients we have who has attended a class at every time of the day. 

On top being highly motivated in the gym she is also an avid rugby player. Although she admits her body takes a beating she clearly loves the sport and the camaraderie of the rugby pitch. 

One thing I really admire about Jess is her ability to dive in head first without hesitation. Within a few weeks of joining the gym she jumped right into our DP program and I can honestly say I don't she ever missed a day. 

Jess also jumped at the opportunity to take part in our annual Madlab tournament. No hand sell needed with her as I think she was the third or fourth person to sign up. 

We are stoked to have you around the gym Jess, keep doing you. 

 Coach Tom