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Hill Sprints

image Today's Warm Up: Coaches, be sure to get in some hip, knee and ankle mobility drills, prep our athletes for some all out sprints. Today's Workout: 6 Hill Sprints (China Creek Park) Rest approx 3 min Coaches bring a timer. Score fastest sprint (leaderboard might be a little messy on this one - its hard to be accurate with short sprints, but these are too important to leave out of our programming) Flexibility is crazy important in allowing an athlete to express all of his/her hard earned strength, speed, and power. Its also something I feel we need to spend a little more time focusing on at CFV. You are leaving performance on the table if you cant fold your body into its best anatomical fit to take advantage of your various levers, not to mention setting yourself up for injury. image We are also holding a Lower Body Focused workshop later in the afternoon at 330 on the 19th (the Intro course is a considered a prerequisite) Sign up sheet for the Stretch Clinics is on the bulletin board be the girls washroom. We need 8 people to make this worthwhile for us. Cross your name of the list if you can't make it (it makes Giselle sad when we get no-shows). Pull me or Giselle aside if you have any questions, or you and email us at Andys email or Andy