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Mad Mobility | Hips don't lie, neither does that face

Cold gains might be real gains. 
Anyone can warm up and see a notable improvement in how they move. I don’t want to mask the reality of what you’re working with. Let me see the real you. Those hips don’t lie first thing in the morning, or after a full day at the office; neither does that face.
I used to walk first time clients through a low impact warm up before an assessment. The goal was to get blood and nutrients flowing through the body. An increase of body temp and lubrication put them in a more-than ready state. Set someone up for success I thought.
I now begin my assessments without that same preparation. They come in cold. I assess them cold.
Consider what I’m looking for in these assessments. I’m not testing a movement pattern under maximal loads. As in, I’m not testing a 3 rep loaded squat variant, which would likely need some preparation. 
I’m looking at passive and active ranges in their joints. We’re creating a conversation around and evaluating their current level of mobility at these parts. And they’re likely coming in with that cold level when they show up.
I want to know exactly what they’re dealing with day to day, not after an extensive warm up. 
During the assessment we can teach the practice that is mobility training and general maintenance. The active portions of the assessment are often the tools I get them to continue practicing. At the end of the assessment they’ll likely be warm and mobility levels may have improved.
Cold improvements in mobility might just show you how effective your training really is. 
Real talk,
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton