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Holiday Schedule

Wednesday's Workout: Warm Up: Max Lsit in 5 Minutes Tech: Front/Back Levers then Double Unders Workout: 20 sets of 20 Unbroken Double Unders This is a great workout. Do not worry if you don't have awesome d/us. The point of it is to get you trying them. Fire enough bullets at a target and you will eventually hit it. There are many progressions to this wod. You could do 30 sets 10 d/us. Perhaps you are miles away from getting your d/us and just have to concentrate on skipping. Do 20 sets of high knee skips. Discuss the appropriate progression with your coach. A little hint: Count to 22 when doing your sets. Some of us get a little excited when we are approaching the end and mess up. I think Big Baby hit 19 d/us four times once trying to get a single set. Cut off is 30 minutes. Stretch those calves when you are done! Cheers! The Shepherd