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Holiday Programming Cycle

As was shared in the newsletter that was sent out last week, the next four weeks of programming will have a slightly different feel. 

We are still going to have some loose focuses but we will not be testing or retesting any lifts. 

We will be focusing on some more fun and interesting skills though. A big focus will be improving strength on one leg. This will not only lead to an increased ability to perform a pistol, but it will also carry into all double leg squatting movements, such as front and back squats and wall-balls to name a few. 

We will also be spending a decent amount of time focusing on inverted pressing. If you are unable to perform a strict handstand push I encourage you to stick to DB pressing to allow for an increase in overall strength. To compliment our overhead pressing we will also be spending some time on the bench working on some bench press variations. Variations include standard bench press, quake bar bench press and DB floor press. 

On top of pressing and single leg squatting we will also sprinkling in several deadlifting sessions. We will use the most recent 1RM tested, which for most would have been around the first week of September. 

Another staple around the gym this time of year is the "12 Days of Xmas". There are endless renditions of this workout and our version has tweaked and changed slightly over the years. Our MadLab "12 Days of Xmas" will be programmed on Friday December 15th. 

Note that there are holiday hours posted throughout the gym and on the website. Please have a look and perhaps take a photo with your phone to remind yourself of when the gym is closed over the break. 

Coach Tom.