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Hoover Ball 2pm Spanish banks , Machine Madness Finale

Popeye and I will be (Drinking beer and trying to find a spot to pound in the the stakes), setting up the Net at Spanish Banks at 2pm..... Bring drinks, a bikini, and some chuckles. Walk around, you will find us. See ya there. The snatch is one of the most complex movements there is and the only way to get better at it is to practice. Take a look at canadas best setting a new Canadian Record at Nationals a few weeks back. Now is your chance to practice. The goal of today is to figure out what your max is. Near the end of july and mid august we will be holding two O-lifting seminars (most likely July 19th/20th and August 9th/10th from 11-2) breaking the olympic lifts down and working on technique. Cost will be $50/session, let me know if you are interested. To give you an idea of how to build up to a max snatch, this will be my progressions warming up for the competition tomorrow: Dowel 2 sets of 2 hang power snatches, 2 full snatches 33lb bar-2 sets of 2 hang power snatches, 2 full snatches 77lbs-2 sets of 3 99lbs-2 sets of 2 112lbs-1 set of 2 121lbs-1 set of 1 Then my first attempt in the competition will be 128lbs, assuming I make that the second attempt will be 132lbs with the third being 137lbs. With about 2 minutes between each set. Have fun and enjoy the sun! ***SUNDAYS CLASS IS MOVED TO 5PM because our very own Josh Bright will be competiting in his first O-lifting competition out in White Rock at 12pm. The following week, sundays class will be cancelled because of Crossfit Games, but 12pm classes on Sundays will resume July 13th.