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How do you learn to love yourself completely?

So last time I wrote, I wrote about sorting out your shit and deciding who you wanted to be and how you wanted to show up every day. The sticky part though is the how? How do you learn to love yourself completely? To stop comparing yourself to others and always thinking you come up short? To pushing those negative comments out of your space so you can move forward the way you want?

It’s funny you know, I have apparently reached a place where the way my body looks is satisfactory to my parents. They think perhaps I could ‘help others’. I smile because what the fuck? So I am visiting with them and this time the first thing my Mom says is, my you have a lot of sun spots on your face. Is that from the steroids you are taking for your GI disease? No, they are because I swim and bike in the sun a lot. Well, you will have to do something about those. I smile. And I actually truly smile because I love my sun spots. I love being in the sun, and biking and swimming outdoors in the summer is good for my soul. I feel strong and alive and free. Sun spots? I don’t need to ‘do something about them’, they are part of me and I chose to let them happen doing things that make me who I am and that bring me huge amounts of joy.

That’s the bottom line about this; it is a choice to love yourself and to accept yourself for who you are. It is your choice and only you can make it. Making that choice is called freedom. Freedom from thinking hateful, awful things about yourself, freedom from envy, and freedom to be able to feel great joy for others’ successes and achievements. Freedom to listen to people when they are talking to you and being absolutely present without millions of thoughts running through your head. Freedom to set your own goals, goals that are yours and yours alone, and freedom to love every piece of yourself because you are who you are and you are fabulous in your own personal way. Choosing that freedom is so good for your soul that you can forgive any hurts done to you, you can laugh and sing out loud, and you can bring your best self out for everyone to see each and every day.




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