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Let Us Tell You About Madlab School of Fitness

Traditionally, a gym experience has come in three forms:

1. The Regular Big Box Gym:

This is the community centre-style of the gym. Generally, you pay a low monthly fee for the use of the equipment and amenities. Although you can come and workout on your own time and at your own leisure, there is no hands-on coaching.

2. Group Exercise Classes:

These typically are boot camp, yoga or spin classes, just to name a few. Group classes are, of course, fun and push you to work hard. While there is some coaching involved in the class, there’s generally no individualized coaching or programming. Also, you're often coached by someone new each time you’re there, so you never really develop a real trusting relationship with a coach. Because of all this, you may not get the results you want, so you last a few months and then try something else.

3. Personal Training Studio:

In a studio, you would generally only workout one-on-one with a personal coach. If you have a good coach, there’s a good opportunity for them to truly get to know your wants and needs and provide an effective training program, but there are some shortcomings to this model, as well. It’s generally not conducive to a supportive community like at a group class gym. Often the only person you know at the gym is your coach. Also, often it means if your coach is out of town then you can’t workout.

Madlab School of Fitness is none of these models.

Instead, we combine the best of each of the above training options to provide our clients with the best possible service.

At Madlab we provide.

A professional coach:

Each client has their own personal coach, a coach who is a career professional coach.

Individualized coaching:

Your coach takes the time to get to know you—your priorities in life, your lifestyle, your wants, needs and goals—so they can provide an effective training program, be it during your fundamental training sessions or once you’re doing a combination of group classes and personal training (aka hybrid membership). The beauty of having a coach who knows you well is the ability for them to adapt your training program, or help you with your nutrition, as your goals and needs change through the months and years.

A supportive, fun community to hold you accountable:

From group classes to community events, we know what keeps most people around are the people. We are a place where best friends form, where people fall in love, and where babies are made.