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How Running Made us Human

Michael Sandler from summarizes the above video “as ancient man left the trees and the jungle, he adapted and became more of a runner than a climber. Many adaptations and changes took place, including, but not limited, to changes in the lower leg and foot.” Also check out these two short articles titled Evolution made humans marathon runners and How Running Made us Human Saturday's Strength Element: 3 Weighted Pull Ups Rest approx 60s 6/6 Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats Rest approx 60s 5 working sets for each movement (not including warmup sets) Saturday's Workout: In Teams of Two - one member working at a time with the exception of the run, both members run 200m Run 12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 12 Pistols 12 Hand Stand Push Ups Rounds.Reps in 15min Sunday is Make up Day - make Crossfit Open WOD 12.4 a priority if you haven't attempted it yet A