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How to Live to 100 years old

Another great example of why friends and community are the keys to a long happy prosperous life. Listen to this talk and remember that meaningful relationships contribute more than anything to the quality and quantity of your life. Sent to us by one of our all stars Carl Stewart. Take the time to talk to one of our "older" wiser veterans an you will certainly have a more full life. Bring in your fathers and Mothers, they will add to our community and your lives something very important that we miss in our modern "city life". Tuesday's lesson Plan: Warm Up: 50 air squats, back squat bar, move up progressively to 5 rep max Tech/Strength: 5 sets 5 reps WOD: Cindy 5 Pullups 10 Pushups 15 Squats Rounds in 20 min Get a new PB in this CF Classic patty