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How to Pick a Good Dentist

How to Pick a Good Dentist with Dr. James Cadigan

Dr. James Cadigan is going on three years at MadLab. The entertaining and committed dentist and business owner hangs out with me doing personal training in the mornings before he heads to work for a day filled with dental implants, root canals, crowns and complicated surgeries.

In short, when it comes to dentistry there’s nothing this man can’t do.

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Selecting a dentist you trust—one that you know isn’t going to con you into procedures you don’t really need—can be tricky.


James’ best advice for finding a quality dentist:

#1: Choose someone you connect with personally

“Someone working in your mouth is a very personal thing, and picking a dentist is a very personal decision. It comes down to interpersonal relations. Make sure you actually like your dentist,” James said.

Go with your gut, he added. “If you get a bad vibe, check someone else out.”


#2: Shop Around

If you are told you need a super expensive procedure and are suspicious your dentist is trying to take advantage of you, get a second opinion, James said.

Prices do vary from place to place, and to a certain degree you get what you pay for; however, there are some dental practices that simply overcharge, he added.

When it comes to a crown, for example, prices can range from $975 to $1,500.

“$1,500 is too much for a crown,” he said.


#3: Cleaning Shouldn’t Hurt

“Your hygienist shouldn’t be hurting you,” he said. “If you’re feeling pain from the hygienist you either need freezing or she’s slaughtering your teeth.”

That being said, James added: “It’s normal for your teeth to be sensitive after a cleaning.”


Other Dental Tips from the Expert

James offered three more common tips to help you keep your teeth healthy.


#1: Weakened Enamel?

On commercials they always say once your enamel is gone, it’s game over. While this is true to a certain degree, James recommends MI Paste, a re-mineralizing agent that helps strengthen enamel.

#2: Don’t brush too hard

One of the most common mistakes people make is brushing their teeth too hard, James explained. It can damage your teeth ad gums, so lay off the aggressive brushing, he added.

#3: Periodontal disease

One of the most common problems James said he sees is periodontal disease—infections of the structures around the teeth, including the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.


James explained when this happens, you end up with pocketing between your teeth and gums. Thus, the best thing to do is to get your teeth cleaned more often than the average person—ideally once every three months, he said. You don’t even need to see the dentist, but at least get your teeth cleaned by hygienist as much as four times a year. It might save you money in the long term.


James can be reached here at Chatham Dental Centre in Richmond: (