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Tune In and Cheer On Natalie at the 2017 West Regionals

This coming weekend our very own Natalie Duronio will be competing in the 2017 West Regional. 

Over the weekend she will take part in six different events alongside 39 other women from Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. 

If you want to check in and watch Natalie compete you can watch the live feed. Heat times will change over the course of the weekend but Friday she will be competing at 2:00 and 4:10. 

Here's a little summary of why I admire Natalie and why I am stoked for her to compete this weekend. 

Balance is the first thing that comes to mind. 

The goals Natalie and I have for her require her to train at a very high volume and a very high intensity, but even with the incredible time commitment that comes with training for Regionals she has found a way to still balance her career, her personal life and her training. This is something I admire greatly. 

I think finding that perfect balance is a very difficult thing to do, and I think she does it perfectly. I believe some of the credit can go to her training partners in the DP program, her solid and grounded family and her encouraging and supportive partner. All of these people are 100% in her corner. 

(If you are trying to improve your balance I encourage you to fist look at your support system and ask yourself if they are truly in your corner and have your back.)

On top of great balance, Natalie does a magnificent job of having fun and avoids taking her training too seriously. Though there are moments of frustration and anxiety, the overall approach is about having fun and getting a little bit better each and every day.

(One day does not determine success. Weeks, months and years do.)

The lifestyle anyone competing at Regionals has to have to stay on that level is unreal. I know how much Natalie puts in to her training, her diet and her overall health. She is by the far the fittest I have ever seen her and this makes me incredibly excited for this weekend and incredibly privileged to be her coach. 

Coach Tom