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How’s your grip??

Warmup: 1 mile run test Technique - Clean and Jerks with the essential hook grip Workout: "Gwennie" - touch and go power clean and jerks(push or split) - run 270m lulu quarter loop (guys - 3/4 body weight) (ladies - 60% body weight) - Record continuous touch and go reps for 15 minute time period. Bar can rest overhead, in the front rack or folded in your hips - not on back shoulders.image Grip was the weakest link in my muscular chain early. Then after a gazillion pullups, swings and cleans things come around especially if you are dilligent in using the hook grip. Alternative is the Closed Grip- The fingers are wrapped around the barbell with the thumb positioned along side the index finger. This is the grip that comes naturally to everyone and is therefore the most common. Under submaximal loads it works just fine, but will not withstand maximal lifts and mid weight continuous reps like Gwennie. So, the Hook Grip - start using this for all your clean and jerks & snatches- The thumbs wrap around the barbell first and then the fingers wrap over the top of the thumb. This means that the thumb is applying pressure to the barbell and the fingers are also applying pressure to the thumb and barbell. Athletes who use this grip can lift heavier than athletes who use the closed grip. Begin using this now ! Initially this is not the most comfortable grip, but over time the discomfort will pass and your body will adapt to the effects of the grip. Soon, you'll be amazed at how solid your "pull" off the floor will become. Tbear