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How’s Your Perspective?

Perspective is everything. If the lens through which you see and deal with the world is skewed then you may find yourself not living the life you want to live. One thing that always keeps my perspective in check is the Cosmic Calender. Originally developed by Carl Sagan, it maps the history of time and the Universe in terms of the Roman Calender. Whenever I feel like the sky is going to fall, whether by something happening in my life or the world at large, I try and think of the Cosmic Calendar. Somehow, remembering how insignificant we all are, is very grounding to me. Can't really explain why. I'd love to read some posts here on how people keep their perspective in this mad mad world. image Here is a good video explaining the whole thing. Love the old school special effects. Funny to think it was probably cutting edge at one time. Carl Sagan died in 1996. This calender is circa late 1970s. He is considered one of the great thinkers of the 20th Century. Monday's Workout: Warm Up: 1 Mile Run (Can give those who did the Pose Running Seminar this weekend a chance to try it out) Workout: Front Squat Shoulder Press 5,5,5,5,5 Score will be the total of your sets. For example - If Dane front squatted 300 lbs for all five sets (1500 lbs) and shoulder pressed 150 lbs for all five sets (750 lbs) then his score would be 2250 lbs. This is not to say you have to stay at the same weight for every set. Go up if you can. For those of you in Mad Lab it starts at 6pm. One Love, The Shepherd