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How's Your Sports Psychology?

When I was in high school I was a pretty good wrestler.  I would often clean up at local and further reaching tournaments.  I absolutely loved the duel of wrestling.  I loved that I was a skinny kid that could beat up on these muscular guys with superior technique and cardio.  My friends called me "The Technician".  In being a form of one on one combat , the art of wrestling is actually quite elegant.

I made it to OFSAA all 5 years of high school (Ontario's collegiate provincial championships).  Alas when I got on the big stage I didn't perform well.  Maybe 2 of the the 5 years were respectable outcomes - Definitely 1.  This kept happening again and again. I performed well below my potential.  

I would never be critical of my high school coaches.  They were great men and I will forever be in debt to them for the lessons they taught me.  I just wish I had some help with my mental game.  

Who knows... I might of been to wound up and cocky to even listen.  Haha.


So that brings us to this blog.  How's your sports psychology?  Where is your head at during a workout? A rugby match? An ultimate game? A golf swing or round?

My intent here is to introduce you to a few concepts and materials that can help you improve your sports psychology IQ.  Perhaps even improve your performance.  

Generally we can look at SP through the lens of the 4 C's.

  • Concentration - ability to maintain focus
  • Confidence - believe in one's abilities
  • Control - the ability to maintain emotional control regardless of distraction
  • Commitment - ability to continue working to agreed goals

Brian Mac says relaxation, centering and mental imagery can help in these 4 C's.  You can read more about these here.

Curious where you would stack up? Take the Sports Competition Anxiety Test here.

Here is a website that has the top 40 sports psychology websites on the web. Some are even sport specific. 


So you have this information in front of you now... What are you going to do with it? 

Do some research here please.  Implement some of the techniques and skills that may get you around the bend you've staring at for years.  Surely this kind of success would expand to other areas of your life.  

Please let us know how it goes.  :-)