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HPC and MadLab Spots set in stone

image HPC and MADLAB times Monday and Thursday 7pm. Block off your schedule! MadLab will begin early Feb. No Sunday Spot. Majority preferred weekdays. Did you know there's a significant CF Van following that dewarfs our own little community posts, texts and facebook messages? The website hits are up. Keep Talking peeps!!!!!!! Maybe we've found a niche of people that can relate to the community, like the WOD's and understand that CrossFit is real and present, and should never be taken lightly on any given Sunday. We are quite different from "the norm" and I love it. Everyone is gaining ground. Dave Eaton said "I've never skied in the past 30 years like I skied today. I was completely able to keep up with my 23 year old son and the best wine rep in Canada..... Those MF's were out till 3am last night." I kid you not. No wool will ever be pulled, down or up, or from any direction in our school. You will learn first and workout later. Sorry. Recently, I visited my childhood best friend in the Crowsnest Pass, then hit Calgary, Lethbridge and a bunch of places I've been to when I was young. Man, how they have changed. 1 in a 100 have heard of CrossFit. I found a few that heard but didn't really know shyte,..... while a lucky 5 actually new Patty and myself from the website. Trippy at the time but pretty cool now that I think about it. Since then, I check our expression engine daily and find that our daily hits are ten fold of what they used to be last year. Is there something off??? Let's do a little math.image I'm thinking 10% stalkers, 10% x's, maybe 50% is current family members and friends, 15% are - for sure - local competitors checking in, so I'm left with 15% in the unknown. Post if your out there. Let us know what you like or dis and we'll reciprocate with our light hearted banter. THE SUNDAY WODimage "Newbies Beware" 5 - 600lb tire flips (305lb for ladies) 300 walking lunges 120 push-ups 50 pull-ups 20 - 3 Foot Box Jumps (28" for ladies) and 9 Muscle-ups. (use floor progressions on rings -1 to 1MU's) T-Bear....out