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Listen to Your Body – Hunger and Fullness Cues

For years I counted my calories. I weighed and measured my food and tracked everything I ate and drank into an app. I used a food scale, measuring cups and nutrition data. I ate at set times and on a set schedule. And it would work for me. I lost weight. I was unsatisfied most of the time and I would go to bed hungry, eager to wake up the next morning and able to eat again because sleep had magically reset my calories. If I stopped counting and restricting it often led to binging on all the things I ‘couldn’t’ have during my diet and I would gain the weight back, sometime even more. So again started yet another diet, another restriction phase and obsessively tracking my food.

If counting calories and tracking your macros work well for you, that’s fine, but these things are NOT necessary to nourish and take care of your body. You don’t need food scales or apps to figure out how to feed your body. You can learn to listen to what your body has been trying to tell you all along. It knows when you need to eat, how much to eat, and it knows when its full and satisfied, even if you haven’t learned to hear all those cues quite yet.

You don’t have to spend your life counting calories and measuring your food, and its miserable going through each day not allowing yourself to feel completely satisfied with what you’re eating. If that life is no longer working for, I’m here to give you permission to stop calorie counting and start looking inward for cues on how to eat. It can be scary at first, but the food freedom you’ll find is worth it.

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