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I walked into a bad dream

What I found out today is... There is a level of insanity much higher at Crossfit Vancouver than I first thought as I sat down last night to post. I walked in to see the remnants of the 11am class who had just finished the Guvernator WOD and Andy and Eunice half way through the workout joke I posted last night. At first, I was questioning everyone's IQ. I just wanted to F#$k with the morning crew a bit but then I came to realize, our community is full of monsters, beasts and savages that can accomplish mountainous tasks! I for one was not expecting to do that workout, it was a joke - people!! Next time I'm gonna make the ladder go to 60 so you understand April Fools. Well the joke was on me. I now truly know our crew loves pain and finding what their made of. Man - I fully expected my first 3 minute FRAN today. I was prepared - I slept in till 10am, drank my double dose of greens plus to keep the acid from eating my quads and forearms But in the end... and like most today..Jayboy - we thank you - I hate "Fran" and will do anything to avoid it like you. imageToday's Lesson Plan - Deadlift - Push-Up - Purety - Tech Day Work up to your 1 rep max deadlift for the first half hour. Focus on technique and alignment here. In the weeks to come and especially on TBear week, I am implementing a couple days of judging. 1 to 10 scale based on the beauty of lifts and movements. Coaches - correct and address those little nuances that will stunt good progress. Then at 75% of your 1RMax complete the following little workout at the end of class: 5 Deadlifts, 15 Pushups 4 Deadlifts, 14 Pushups 3 Deadlifts, 13 Pushups 2 Deadlifts, 12 Pushups 1 Deadlift, 11 Pushups - name and time on whiteboard, not leaderboard. Post your max deadlift to bodyweight ratio to the leaderboard. Good Friday!! Tbear