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If you're not making friends with salad, you're doing it all wrong!

One of my biggest pet peeves (among the carnivores of the world especially) is how vegetables have become an afterthought at best, and a necessary evil at worst.

It's almost as if we have all been scarred by our parents urging us to finish our plate of flavourless vegetables they took out of the freezer and overcooked for us as children...

Meat is delicious. I agree with that statement. But vegetables truly can be, as well.

Why am I do passionate about this? Because I believe when people don't honour vegetables and eat them only because they know they're good for them, it means that they leave dinner craving something "tasty" because the vegetables just weren't tasty. So, if you're still buying disgusting frozen (or worse still canned!) vegetables and boiling them in water until they're mushy and gross, STOP and learn how to cook them properly!

To get you thinking in the right direction, here are three recipes for salads and vegetable dishes that you WILL Make friends with!

3. Goat cheese, pecan and strawberry spinach and arugula salad

• 4 - 5 cups of fresh spinach and arugula

•1/2 to 1 full avocado

• Green onions to taste

• 1 cup cut up strawberries (mandarin oranges also work)

• 1/2 cup pecans (roast them in the oven and they're even more delicious) (roasted pumpkin seeds also work)

•1/2 chopped red pepper

• Sprinkle on goat cheese

For the dressing, a simple oil and balsamic with a bit of lemon juice and salt and pepper is all you need.

2. Pureed turnips and carrots

Cook the crap out of turnips and carrots and garlic. Then throw them into a food processor and add some butter (2 Tbsp.), coconut milk (1/4 cup) and salt and pepper until it's smooth and creamy. Seriously a great replacement for mashed potatoes and a little sweeter and healthier.

1. Spicy garlic green beans

It's bean season!

The key here is the seasoning and not overcooking them so you keep a little bit of crunch.

In a pan with some butter or olive oil, add a few cloves of chopped garlic and some shallots. Cook until a bit brown and then add the green beans. Just a few minutes is all they need, so they're cooked through but still crunchy. Then add some fresh chilli flakes if you like spice and/or cayenne pepper. And salt. Always salt. 

Here's a challenge for you: Go vegetarian for a week and try to make the vegetable the star of the plate. It just might be a game changer, as before you know it you'll be craving vegetables the way you crave steak, or potato chips!