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Important CrossFit Games Open Competition Meeting Thursday Night

As many of you know, the Open competition - the first round of qualification for the CrossFit Games - starts in just a couple short weeks. There will be a meeting this Thursday at 7pm for anyone interested in participating. The Open competition is a five week competition starting in February and going until the end of March. There will be one workout each week for five weeks. We'll be programming the workouts into our regular week anyway, so since you'll be doing the workouts anyway you might as well register for the Open (last year 35,000 people competed worldwide) and see where you stack up. How it works is we can have as many people as we like registered on our team. OR we can even create two teams this year!! Then, if and when we qualify for the Canada West Regional competition (the top 30 teams in Canada West will advance), we'll select our top three men and three women to compete for one of two team berths to the CrossFit Games in California. This kind of format is perfect for a specialist like Vince. There are few people in the entire country who could keep up with Vince if there were a running/burpee/muscle up workout. Vince, we need you! At the very least, come to the meeting, ask questions, listen to the details. The more people we can get on board this year, the better. You don't have to be a crazy intense CrossFitter to take part. But your performance WILL improve with the additional incentive the Open creates. Again: 7 pm Thursday the 9th. TUESDAY: Tech: Levers Let's practice front levers and back levers. For those who can't quiet do the full thing yet, get your legs tucked in! Hold for 3 seconds at least. Use spoters! These are a real test of core strength. Wod: HELEN 3 Rounds of: * 400m Run * 21 KB Swings * 12 Pull Ups Play hard! Fancypants.