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Improvements to the Barn

After nearly a dozen client meetings and hours of furious debate here are the improvements that we will be making to improve the quality of fitness for all our members in our beloved Barn. After pouring over all the feedback and data we realized that it is impossible to make everyone 100% happy. For example some people felt very strongly about having WAY harder warmups, other felt the warm up should be easy and the focus put on the WOD. We realized that for us to accommodate everyone's wishes completely, we would need a business model that focused on personal training for each client, fees of $1,000 per month and so on. Of course the feeling of camaraderie, competition and sense of community would also be lost under such a system, so we quickly abandoned the notion. smile Here is what we came up with to get each of you, fit, happy and prepared for what life throws your way each and every day. In no particular order. "Personal best" board, "Time to beat today" board and improvement in the leaderboard site (We have 3 very talented people working on it right now) More coaches per class: Apprentice help in class (We intend to double the amount of coaches for each class, we will put out a full list of apprentices and their class schedule) and Tandem Coaching (for larger classes such as Monday's, sheppy and I will be co coaching), Goal for each coach is to give each student a min of 2-3 corrections per class regardless of experience level. Student mentorship program (veteran students take new students under their wing and show them the ropes as they enter the larger community of group classes) Programming: 1-2 standard WOD's per week, 1 long grinder per week, More Technical warmups, 4-6 week programming themes, min 1 team WOD per week, stretching captain and more stretching after class, Weakness Meeting: A large part of our fitness is improving our weaknesses. For those who want a little more than just the wods we have come up with an idea. Address weaknesses, develop a program and find study buddies to work on like weaknesses. We are going to have a meeting and have each coach come up with a program for each area of weakness. (Shep: Running/sprinting, Monk: o-lifting/stretching, Tbear: Gymnastics (Non tech and tech), Patty & Charlie (Strength) New equipment: GH machines, girl bars, skipping ropes, weights (all on order), new sinks that we can fit water bottles underneath (getting quotes this week) Athlete Profiles; In progress, great way to get to know more about the fine people in the community Newsletter: Bathroom Graffitti - Emily will have one every month (I though the first one was hilarious) Injury prevention: ( Thanks to bulldog and the Friendly Giant) We have enlisted the help of UBC Medical Physio Terry Lynn Fraser to help us with education, prevention and treatment. She will be giving lecture throughout the year and is available if you need some rehab. More Classes on Weekend: We will not be cancelling anymore classes because of Certification in the box and Tbear has added another Sunday class. One on One availability of Coaches: Many of you want extra help after you have entered classes. Personally I think it is a great idea and have been doing this with many clients over the years. We have lowered our 1 on 1 rate for monthly members to $65 per hour ($10 less than the best 10 session rate). Call or e-mail your coach for availability. Center for excellence/Madlab: The code for elite fitness is to do 4-6 wod's per week, work on weaknesses, nutrition, rest, sleep and intense competition. We are going to develop a unique program for each person who wants to compete at the Crossfit games (or use it toward another sport). MADLAB weekly tournaments will be on Thursday nights (we agree Monday was too busy) starting February 4th. Athlete ratings/rankings: After much debate with Tony leyland and our coaches we have come up with 12 WOD's (many were in the super seven) and another 4 short measurements to determine each person's fitness level across broad time and modal domains. We think this new system will be crucial for keeping veterans enthusiastic about their own personal fitness. Much like a handicap in golf it will trend the ups and downs in our lives and give us a much broader view of the role of fitness in the quality of our lives. These WODS will be interspersed into our daily workouts. Monthly Medal: Much like a private golf course, we will start having more events for our members. Baxie (head pro at such a golf course) has suggested we have the "Monthly Medal" on the first Tuesday of each month. It will feature one of the 12 WODS from the fitness rankings. The winner will have a personal parking space for the next month, his/her name on the Banner and a spot in the yearly final. (no one can win it twice in the same year) Social Events: We are going to organize poker nights, wine and cheeze potlucks, Movie nights in the lounge and of course we will throw one of our big bash parties every 4-6 months (One student had a thought......single's have to bring at least one friend who is single to get in???) Client meetings: We will be having them every 6 months. Thanks for all your great feedback. My mentor Greg Glassman always told me "Patty don't worry, your clients will tell you what you should be doing" So over the next Month we will be implementing all these improvements. Life is good.......See you in The Barn smile Finally......Andy's Dad Richard sent me this photo. image As you may know, Canada has some six Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) operating in the Pangwaii District of Kandahar Province. Andy's Platoon (12 Platoon) was manning A-10. This has been renamed FOB NUTTS. His Platoon has erected a sign on the main house in the FOB. Make A Difference.......Live Life to the Fullest.