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In Search of a Pig Whisperer AND Nutts Cup Event #1: What Would Andy Do?

We’re roasting a pit on a spit for Nutts Cup again this year, and our pig roaster can’t be there overnight so we’re looking for a Pig Whisperer - someone to man the pig in the parking lot between 2 am and 8 am on Friday night. pig Andy Nutts would have watched the pig! If you choose to throw yourself out there as a pig whisperer, here's what’s in it for you: 1). Free pig lunch and free drinks the entire day and night of Nutts Cup 2). Two free personal training sessions with Tom 3). More importantly, you will likely become a legend of CF Vancouver and will forever gain respect from the entire community. What it entails: Hanging out at CF Van overnight ensuring pig thieves don’t pounce. Maybe you bring a friend, maybe you drink your face off, maybe you practice your muscle ups. Maybe not. As long as the pig is safe and gets cooked to perfection, it’s up to you what you do with your time. Nutts Cup Dude Award Nominees are free to apply to be the Pig Whisperer, as well. It might clinch your win! DO it for Andy! Post to comments if you are interested in being the Pig Whisperer. Workout #3: Three Couplets Team Sprint Relay There will be 3 couplets. Each team member completes one couplet. Once complete, team member will tag their teammate, who will complete the next couplet. You can decide who does what couplet. There will be a 15-minute time cap for this event. One Data point for this event. Couplet 1: Pistol/DB Snatch Couplet 3 Rounds of: 12 Pistols (Alternating) 12 DB Snatches (Men: 70 lbs, Women: 40 lbs) (Alternating) Couplet 2: Rowing/KB Swing Couplet 300 meter Row (260 meter row if your woman does this couplet) 30 KB Swings (Men: 2 pood, Women: 1.5 pood) 300 meter Row (260 meter row for women) Couplet 3: Rope Climb/Burpee Couplet 3 Rounds of: 2 Rope Climbs 12 Burpees See video for movement standards.